Boat inspections can save a life

By Catherine Mails April 16, 2016



Boating can be a great past time!


Without the proper equipment and gear a pleasurable day on the water can quickly become a disaster.

Starting the boating season off with getting a boat inspection is a great beginning to a fantastic season on your boat.


The USCG Auxiliary comprises of a group of volunteers assisting the US Coast Guard in providing safety instructions and safety inspections of recreational boats.


It's worth your time to go through your boat using  a check list, prior to having the USCG inspection. 


PFD's, (Life jackets) are mandatory safety equipment. Visually check them for rips and tears.


  • Make sure the PFD's are Coast Guard approved.
  • An approved PFD is required for every person on board.
  • Type III throwable flotation cushion.


Commonly, flares need to replaced. Flares should be replaced after every three boating seasons.


  • Donate expired flares to a local Coast Guard Auxiliary or Power Squadron for training classes.
  • Contact a local law enforcement or fire protection for advisement on proper disposal.
  • NEVER activate marine flares in a non-emergency situation.
  • NEVER dispose of flares in household trash.


Check to see if the audible signaling device, a horn or a electric horn mounted on the vessel or a hand-held device powered by a compressed air canister is working properly? I have found that little creators like to make nests on the mounted device.


The coast Guard inspection only takes about 15 minutes of your time. To find a USCG Auxiliary inspection scheduled in the Clinton, CT area. To find when boating classes are held in your area.


Have a Safe Boating season!

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